Custom Pontoon Fenders

  • Affordable, quality and reliable pontoon fenders made to order.
  • Designed and manufactured by hand in our Gold Coast workshop using only the best materials Australia has to offer.
  • Primarily servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, although fenders can be delivered interstate with tracked and timely deliveries.
  • Custom pontoon fenders will suit any manufacturer make or model, marina or marine structure.
  • All fender pricing includes UV stabilised PVC jackets, 100% polypropylene specialty marine carpet covers and high-quality closed cell foam which is:
    • -Chemically cross-linked foam
    • -Lightweight
    • -Air-tight
    • -Non-dusting
    • -Superb strength and tear resistance
    • -High shock absorption
    • -Flexible
    • -Impervious to mildew, mould, rot and bacteria
    • -Superior chemical and grease resistance
    • -Water resistance which prevents water-logging (weight in your foam which can potentially tear fender jackets and covers over time)

Tidal Fenders offer two different sized custom pontoon fenders:

'Slimline’ D-Fender

    A 150mm x 100mm D-Fender offering superior protection for your vessel/PWC and pontoon while giving a sleek, streamline and non-obtrusive look to your pontoon.

Heavy Duty’ D-Fender

    A 150mm x 150mm D-Fender offering the ultimate in protection for your vessel and pontoon.

All custom pontoon fenders are installed using two systems – bolt on, sail track or a combination of the two. The bolt on system is compatible with most pontoons including those from Prestige Pontoons, Superior Jetties and Pacific Pontoons.

The bolt on system uses the existing track in the pontoon extrusion which allows for the fender to be attached without drilling or self-tapping any fasteners through the marine structure. The finish is a very attractive flush look that will not void any manufacturer’s warranties.

The sail track system can be attached to any pontoon, jetty or marine structure that does not allow for the bolt on system. Only powder coated sail track and high-quality fasteners are used which provide a long lasting and low maintenance fender that will protect your investment long into the future.

The following services are also offered by the experienced Tidal Fenders team:

  • Pontoon re-carpeting
  • Pontoon and gangway repairs
  • Rubber fender edging supply and fit
  • Aluminium fabrication
  • Jetty repairs and restorations
  • Pontoon accessories
  • Boat and jet-ski docking systems
  • Bench and storage seats
  • Sinks and cleaning stations
All products are made to measure and delivered and/or installed by an experienced tradesman. All products and services are covered by a full 12 month warranty, unless otherwise excluded.

Custom Pontoon Fenders Gold Coast