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Pontoon Carpets

Restore your pontoon carpet with Tidal Fenders’ exceptional solutions perfect for the Gold Coast climate

Working all over the Gold Coast and its surrounding areas, Tidal Fenders and Pontoon Restorations is the leader in providing quality, reliable and affordable services for pontoon carpeting and restorations. Whether you're looking to protect your pontoon, add value to your home or create a whole new look and feel for your pontoon, our repair and restoration solutions are designed to exceed all expectations.

Tidal Fenders’ pontoon carpet services

Specialising in their field, Tidal Fenders provide only the very best marine-grade pontoon carpets on the market. Using high quality materials and a superior outdoor adhesive, Tidal Fenders offer a wide range of pontoon carpet colours and styles to suit any personal tastes. Where possible, Tidal Fenders also install all carpets in a single four metre wide piece, ensuring a seamless finish without joins, preventing any potential movement of the carpet at the joins which can be seen over time. Best of all, the velour-finish designs are created to withstand Australia’s harshest weather conditions and elements.

The benefits of Tidal Fenders’ products

Tidal Fenders’ knowledge of their products is second-to-none with each pontoon finished in a seamless, high standard velour-finish marine-grade carpet with the following benefits:

  • Non-slip properties
  • Soft underfoot finish
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Hard-wearing structure
  • Low maintenance
  • High UV protection
  • Moisture-resistance

Priding themselves on their reputation of offering reliable services, quality workmanship and materials at affordable prices, the Tidal Fenders team strive to be market leaders in their field. With experienced installers on hand, Tidal Fenders ensure all restorations include:

  • Removal of existing carpets and flooring, if required
  • Disposal of all waste
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Concrete grinding preparation, if required
  • Installation of high quality marine carpets using only superior outdoor adhesives

Custom solutions to suit your needs

All of Tidal Fenders’ products are made to your specific measurements. They are then delivered and/or installed by our efficient and reliable team of experienced tradesmen. Covered by a 12-month warranty (unless otherwise excluded), we give you peace of mind in a quality product you can trust.

Why choose carpet for your pontoon?

Modern solutions like our designs provide a sturdy yet attractive option that still resists mildew, mould, stains and even fading. Investing in products from Tidal Fenders adds value to your home and creates a whole new look and feel for your outdoor space, all the while protecting your pontoon.

Custom Pontoon Fenders Gold Coast

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